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Coffee Brewing Methods, Part 3

Here’s a completely different coffee brewing method, the Toddy Coffee Maker. It’s a cold brew method that brews coffee overnight in your refrigerator. It makes enough to fill the glass decanter (shown above) with a coffee concentrate that you can keep in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. The Toddy works for iced coffee, […]

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Coffee Brewing Methods, Part 2

Last week I reviewed the Aeropress coffee maker in Coffee Brewing Methods, Part 1. Now it’s on to Part 2! Another coffee brewing method I liked was the Chemex coffeemaker. This method also yielded a smooth cup of coffee; not quite as smooth as the Aeropress, but darn close. Chemex is not quite as fast […]

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Coffee Brewing Methods, Part 1

I love coffee. I love the taste of coffee; I’m one of those rare people who drink it black. I enjoy the ritual of making coffee; I look forward to it every morning. I especially enjoy having the time to kick back, relax, and slowly sip that perfect cup. A few months ago, my electric […]

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