Coffee Brewing Methods, Part 2

Last week I reviewed the Aeropress coffee maker in Coffee Brewing Methods, Part 1. Now it’s on to Part 2!

Another coffee brewing method I liked was the Chemex coffeemaker. This method also yielded a smooth cup of coffee; not quite as smooth as the Aeropress, but darn close. Chemex is not quite as fast as the Aeropress either, but still faster than the French Press. The Chemex is good for making one cup of coffee at a time, but you can also get larger carafe sizes to make larger quantities. I got a Chemex in addition to my Aeropress so I could make a few cups at one time if I needed to. Plus, it’s fun to mix up the morning routine from time to time.

Chemex is a cone filter method. Chemex suggests using a regular or medium grind coffee. Peet’s Coffee suggested a grind for my Chemex at their setting #7 and it worked quite well.

Important first step: Chemex says to first wet the grounds slightly, not allowing the grounds to float. This allows the grounds to “bloom” so the desirable coffee elements can be released. After the “bloom” step you simply pour hot water over the coffee grounds.

Chemex Coffee

There are different size filters for different size Chemex carafes, so be sure to get the correct filters for the corresponding carafe. Standard filters from the grocery store won’t work; you’ll need the special Chemex cone filters. They run about $10 for a box of 100 on Amazon. Not cheap. The coffeemaker itself runs between $30-$40 depending on the carafe size. You’ll need to do a little “origami” to fold the filters to the necessary cone shape, since they don’t come ready to go right out of the box. But that’s part of the fun too.

It’s also pretty and looks good sitting on the kitchen counter. I got a newer model that has a glass handle instead of the traditional wood handle.

Chemex Coffee Maker

Cleanup is easy: the paper filter contains all the coffee grounds. Nice and neat.

There are still more reviews of coffee brewing methods coming in the near future. Stay tuned!


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