The Dog House PDX

I love tater tots. They’re comfort food, they’re fun to eat, and they make you feel like a kid again when you eat them. When I went gluten-free, I thought tater tots were just one of the many foods of my past that I had to give up since they’re made with flour. Well, things have changed for the better. Thanks to The Dog House PDX you can enjoy tater tots once again…here they’re gluten-free!

Dog House PDX

The Dog House PDX is the home of the “insane tater tot bowls”. It’s a food cart located in NE Alberta in the “Holy Trinity”, which is a fashion and food cart pod right next to another gluten-free cart called Yogio (a future review).

The Dog House cart owner is gluten-free herself for health reasons, so the menu is wide open with choices. I even asked about the gravy, which is traditionally made with flour so it’s a big no-no on a gluten-free diet. But even the gravy here is made gluten-free. They’ve got vegan options as well.

Everything you order is served in a dog dish. Too cute!

Dog House PDX

At The Dog House the tater tots are not just a side dish, they’re front and center. Combined with toppings such as melted cheese, gravy, bacon, fried egg, or chili, they become the ultimate in comfort food. To order, you first pick what’s on the bottom of the bowl: either a hot dog or tater tots. Then you pick the toppings from the menu. I had a tough time deciding since there were so many fantastic combinations. Check out their menu, you’ll see what I mean.

Dog House PDX

My menu selection for the day: the Heartbreak Hotel. Bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, ketchup, and onions on top of tater tots. Brilliant.

Dog House PDX

Had no trouble finishing every last bit either.

Dog House PDX

Next on the list to try: The Rip City. Fried egg, pepperjack cheese, jalapenos, onions, Dog House kicker sauce.

So make an escape back to your childhood for a short time and visit The Dog House PDX. Tell your friends you were so hungry today that you ate out of a dog’s bowl.

The Dog House PDX
2124 NE Alberta
Portland, Or 97217

Dog House PDX


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